just a curious delight
we're just fumbling through the grey, trying find a heart that's not walking away


Wonderfalls is one of my most favoritest shows ever and introduced me to the goddess Caroline Dhavernas. My dear turquoise-galaxy doesn’t have access to the awesome commentary available to those of us fortunate to have the Wonderfalls dvds. So I thought I’d be a pal and upload the episode…

happy 34th birthday to harry james potter. even though he is a fictional character, he affected my life and million of others. i can’t imagine my  life without harry. thank you jk rowling, and happy birthday to you (july 31). born as the s e v e n t h month dies.


pushing daisies gifset per episode 
↳ 1.01 Pie-lette [1/22]

 Oh my god, do you see how is he falling in love with me?

Daughter Jaye lives in Niagra Falls. Her blurb, and life, are a work in progress.

you’re in my arms

and all the world is calm

the music playing on

for only two