just a curious delight
we're just fumbling through the grey, trying find a heart that's not walking away

You are a diamond, that fits into my heart so easily.
We have the system for the stars,
to keep us safe and warm. (x)

"She was more disturbed by Mr. Knightley’s not dancing than by any thing else.—There he was, among the standers-by, where he ought not to be; he ought to be dancing,—not classing himself with the husbands, and fathers, and whist-players, who were pretending to feel an interest in the dance till their rubbers were made up,—so young as he looked!— He could not have appeared to greater advantage perhaps anywhere, than where he had placed himself. His tall, firm, upright figure, among the bulky forms and stooping shoulders of the elderly men, was such as Emma felt must draw every body’s eyes; and,excepting her own partner, there was not one among the whole row of young men who could be compared with him."

"In another moment a happier sight caught her;—Mr. Knightley leading Harriet to the set!—Never had she been more surprized, seldom more delighted, than at that instant."

Wait no, no one said anything about dancing! Emma! I’m not dancing!

Wait no, no one said anything about dancing! Emma! I’m not dancing!

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Track Title: Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou

Artist: 동방신기

Album: The Secret Code: Disc 1

Why Did I Fall In Love With You? | Tōhōshinki (Dong Bang Shin Ki)

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