just a curious delight
we're just fumbling through the grey, trying find a heart that's not walking away

I almost threw my back out last time. Oh, well that’s what you get for trying to restrain a lady against her will. As if I could ever get you to do anything against your will. Seriously though, you’re like unnaturally strong. It’s intimidating.

I’d rather be your partner in life, than your partner in business.


Legend has it that if I complete all one thousand, I get a special wish. So, uh, that’s three down, 997 to go. So, Harriet, will you join me on my q u e s t so that we can share this wish together?  

I was wondering if you would give me another chance to go on your quest.

This is Frankenstein, MD. The show that’s overflowing with fascinating medical science facts…